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Let's begin by stating that when you order famciclovir online with no prescription, you are getting the generic version of the drug. This is how you can get such low prices: the drug you need is produced by a different manufacturer. Which means you are paying just for the drug itself, none of those research and marketing costs. No matter if you are buying famciclovir without prescription in Australia for yourself or need to order famciclovir for cats, you can still be sure it's the same in terms of quality.


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Before you order Famvir with no prescription, make sure you calculate your needs to see how much you actually need to purchase. This medicine is available as tablets of 125, 250 and 500 mg of famciclovir. You might be taking from 250 mg every 8 hours to 1,000 mg every 12 hours depending on the type of herpes and its location, as well as whether it's an initial or a recurrent episode. You might choose to buy famciclovir online with no prescription every several months or just order in bulk. Great news whether you buy Famvir with no prescription in Australia or buy Famvir online in UK: if you purchase in bulk, you are likely to get a generous discount that will make your shopping even more pleasant in terms of saving money. Getting Rx famciclovir with no prescription is no longer a problem - you just need to know the right pharmacy.


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You might be wondering at this point - if treating a simple outbreak is only going to take a few days, why go through all this trouble, buy famciclovir without prescription in Australia and compromise if you can run to the local pharmacy? First of, you cannot get cheap Famvir without prescription at your local pharmacy - you do need that prescription. Secondly, people that buy Famvir without prescription in Australia usually do that when they need long-term treatment - and for some patients with genital herpes the treatment can take up to 12 months, with additional rounds required from time to time. If you saw famciclovir price at Walgreens, it becomes easy to understand why getting Famvir in Australia through a local pharmacy is a very costly business that not everyone can afford.